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Last modified: Mon Nov 4 16:56:25 2002

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The STed is the high-performance MIDI sequence editor / Music composer system. It had been working on X680x0 old Japanese personal workstation.
The STed has originally been developed by Mr. Takayuki "TURBO" Toda.

Mr. Takayuki Toda has dead on Dec. 4. 1997. I express my regret over the his death.
May he rest in peace.

Through many volunteer's good office the source code of the STed has been opened. Since I am an user of original STed (working on X680x0) and regret that development is discontinued forever, I decide to port the STed to UNIX & X environment.

This page express some informations about the porting of STed.


STed requires ncurses and X libraries.
Some message that STed puts are Japanese for the present. I'm making effort to translate these messages to English. Please wait.
In ncurses mode, STed requires a console or terminal emulator that can expand to width 96 (characters), height 32 (columns) and display Japanese characters.

Related softwares

(187188 bytes : gzip & tar : source)

Some converters that converts some MIDI format data to RCP/R36 format data. It was also originally developed by TURBO.

the following formats might be Japanese local format:

rcpconv converts RCP / R36 file (generated by STed2 or Recomposer) into Standard MIDI file reserving many of original informations ( Title, Memo, Beat, Key and others ). This is the effort to replace the rcptomid command completely and distributed under GPL2.

It also contains a function of tiny RCP / R36 / SMF formatted data player. The player can controll an external MIDI module connected via serial-port or OSS's /dev/midi??.


plm acts as `virtual MIDI patch-bay'. It reads MIDI data stream from a MIDI device, and separates streams with MIDI port / channel, and redirects them to appropriate MIDI device.

HTML version manual of STed2 is available here.
STed2 HTML manual (ja)

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